Charles Baroud

Two stories on the aging of bubbles in a foam


Foams possess unique physical properties that emerge from the co-existence of bubbles with liquid or solid. However foams lose their qualities as the bubbles change size within them. I will discuss two recent studies that describe how foams age: First in the context of "armored" bubbles, for which the aging is limited by covering the bubble with a solid shell. Then I will describe surprising measurements on the emergence of disorder in an initially ordered population of bubbles.




Charles Baroud did his PhD at the University of Texas at Austin on the statistics of turbulent flows. He then began working in microfluidics as a post-doc at Ecole Normale Supérieure, then as a faculty member at Ecole Polytechnique, both in Paris. His current research interests cover the physics of drops and bubbles, as well as the applications of microfluidics to cell biology and microbiology.

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